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Self-moldable night guard with a premium design!

It’s the improved slim design what makes OzDenta Night Guard so special among Boil and Bite type of night guards!
A dental night guard that is NOT uncomfortably thick, not bulky or restraining.
It works instantly protecting your teeth and relieving all the pain and discomfort related to teeth grinding, Bruxism and TMJ disorders.
Get two guards to mold for the best fit!

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OzDenta night guard was designed having in mind to help those suffering from teeth grinding or clenching at night, in the fastest manner possible. Therefore, we have eliminated the need for dental visits by creating an affordable, easy-to-use night guard for Bruxism, Snoring and TMJ, using the best materials and finding the balance between maximum protection and maximum comfort.

Patented slim design

A special design created to offer complete protection without any discomfort.

From the best material

Dental grade material approved by dentists.

Highly adaptive

All the required individual adjustments can be made by customers themselves.


The best quality available at an affordable price.

Get the comfort of a professional dental night guard for teeth grinding, snoring, whitening & TMJ

OzDenta night guard have an internationally patented design and can be used on upper or lower teeth. Its main objective is to prevent night teeth grinding (bruxism), but it also can prevent and alleviate TMJ disorders.

It fits perfectly and is more comfortable during night, with immediate results.

All individual adjustments can be made by patients themselves, using hot water to soften it and then to mold it around the teeth using the fingers.

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